Bravo is a Payroll, Deployment and Invoicing Software. It is indispensable for Manpower outsourcing companies. It helps in advanced compliance & tracking of resources with profitability and cost analytics.
The product has been developed in the year 2009. It is developed for manpower outsourcing companies. It helps in advanced compliance & tracking of resources with profitability and cost analytics. BRAVO helps the security agency companies to process payroll with ease. The payroll software has many functions that are specific to security agencies and manpower providing company. All the statutory details pertaining to PF, ESI and other upload are taken into account in BRAVO software for security agency manpower providing company.

The power of Bravo
BRAVO has all the features and user friendly environment designed to meet your business needs

BRAVO is a Payroll, Manpower Deployment and Client Invoicing software for companies in the Resource Outsourcing business typically providing Security Guards and Facility Management personnel.



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  Location based administration

 BRAVO has come up with its location based administration technique where you can club the details of an employee working in different sites or you can easily maintain different employee details, varying with sites, in such a way that those can be accessed through single log-in of the admin. The same salary structure of one location can be maintained in different locations.

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In billing feature the user can generate the  billing of their client with the order number and its description in which the user can   view the total bill on a monthly basis.In billing you can also calculate the bill after including the tax and charges as per your convenient rate.This bill gets generated on a monthly basis as per its location.

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 KYC Details

 Since all the personal and professional details of an employee are registered through a unique identification code (UID),in case of any legal or medical enquiry,those details can be accessed through an easy “log-in”. Moreover, BRAVO provides you KYC registration of the employees for security purpose. There is also a Bio Data preview and print option so that details can be easily collected without much effort.

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Liability Calculations

If an employee has any liability to the company or he has taken any loan, The amount taken in advance by the employee is easily adjustable and gets deducted from the next month salary and The loan amount gets divided in the EMI form and the amount gets deducted with the number of months as given and directly shows in the salary structure. The TDS amount which is collected by the employer also needs to be deducted and paid to the government so the software looks after that also.

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Time & Attendance Tracking

This payroll software allows employer to track employee attendance, hours, and time-related billings. Schedule daily, weekly, monthly, attendance reports are also prepared. Before submitting the attendance sheet the attendance of an employee can be adjusted. The calculation of employee attendance on basis of hours and days can be adjusted for example if the daily working hour is 10 or 12 it can be adjusted.In attendance tracking the user can manage the individual day attendance with marking present and absent with first and second half facility.Employee attendance option also shows the number of total days he worked and days he was absent.In BRAVO employee allotment option is also there where the client name and the date of posting is also stored so that the company can have complete record of employee.

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Salary Generation and report

Generating Salary structure report, Employee wise joining report, Pay slip, Bank Transfer List , PF Statement, ESI Statement, Employee wise joining report all of the above are done over here in an organized form so that the user does not have to give much effort.In salary generation the user can build up the formulae and also create lumpsum amount for the salary calculation.Salary structure over here has multiple features like calculating the net salary payable to employee after including basic salary,house rent allowance,over time allowance etc. and deducting PF,ESI,PTAX etc with the option of creating formulae manually  which provides  flexibility to the user in calculating the salary.

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