EDPSoft is profitable and growing fast with more than 200 qualified employees. In the past two years we have doubled in size and increased sales by 250%. New markets worldwide are being explored. An Independent Tests Laboratory has also been created which helps audit ERP installations and maintains global software standards, such as ISO 9001:2000. EDP quality process is a combination of systematically planned activities designed to determine, achieve and maintain the required quality standards. These standards have been defined for pre feasibility studies, proposal preparation information Systems technical planning and feasibility studies; systems analysis, design and construction activities covering coding and testing, project monitoring, etc.

                      EDPSoft is not a start up – a part of group of companies is formed out of deep research since the last 20 years, Yet we are a nimble and fast footed software product and services organization having developed products, technologies and processes namely in Accounting Engines (Accord), Finance Management & Treasury (Midas), Campus Automation and Education (Edifice) and Deployment & Payroll Invoicing solution for Manpower Outsourcing Companies(Bravo).

EDPSoft believes that it is able to address Client’s Business challenges & extend the accepted performance limits of available and affordable technologies. As a Premier Software services Organization, EDP Soft believes the given traits qualify  itself  as a preferred partner for your building your Software Application, its Design and Development, Project Implementation and Support services

                        So far EDP Soft has served hundreds of clients from across the world. We are engaged in providing high-end, high-quality applications be it client server, web -based or/and  mobile application  to clients from large,medium and small sized businesses. Following are only some of our most esteemed clients

These are some of our clients.