Unitech Chart of Accounts


‘Unitech Products (BD) Ltd. an export-import and manufacturing company was established in 1999 December 20.  Unitech Products (BD) Ltd. concentrated on hi quality air conditioner and Office/Industrial furniture business with the best customer service. Factory of Unitech Products (BD) Ltd. is spread over 53000 sq. ft. land in pollution free lush green environment.


The Company was facing the difficulty of import of items and ledgers in a lumpsome way. Ledger import should include the details of Party. The company was getting cumbersome and time-consuming by manually processing one ledger and items at a time. The client had large number of partys and items. Faced with such a senario, the client wanted the new automated system to be in place in a short span of time.


Unitech Ltd. chose Accord. Unitech has been using accord since many years. They are very much compatible with the software. It is all because of the user who helped us to build new solutions in the software. Like here they wanted a solution called Import ledger, so we had build it in the software. They are reliable with the software. The user of this software even encourage other people to use Accord4.


Accord 4 results the following benefits for the client:

1. Reduced time by importing ledger and items in a lumpsome way.

2. Elimination of laborious manual data entry.

3. Detailed report of the entries.

4. This Software can be used for years and years.

5. It has flexibility in it’s use.


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