Peacock Security Services is manpower outsourcing Firm. The firm is in the business of handling manpower outsourcing like Security Guard, Housekeeping or Computer Operator to various organizations. The Firm mainly deals in government sector. The firm has to maintain all the data of the employee like their Id proofs, Residential Proof and etc. The Firm has to also maintain the PF & ESI details of the employees.


Sometime PSS faces such a situation or condition where an employee gets stuck to some legal obligations and his details needs to be produced at the local police station. Some time it happens that any employee is working in different factories and he met with some unexpected accidents. If this type of incidents occurs then it should be immediately reported to their family members as soon as possible. To gather the information of the employee the firm has to go through the pile of files and folder as they use to maintain the employee details manually. And it kills lots of time of an employee and they didn’t able to complete the other jobs for the day.


After evaluating several options, when the Director of the co. (CA. Kishan L. Agarwal) get to know about BRAVO payroll software consolidated with accounting and data storage, then he found it interesting and asked to show him the Demonstration of the software.

DEMO – Feedback

Demo given on 11/4/12, he asked us to show the
1. Query Reports.
2. All benefits of the software.
3. Market Rate of the product.
 4. Maintenance cost.


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