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The Softwares designed for your use
Accord 4 - EDP Soft
ACCORD 4 is a Business Solution Product targeted at SMB/SME segment for Integrated Control of Accounting. It covers entire Manufacturing, Trading & Service Sector Functionalities with MIS based Reporting tools. It is GST Compatible.
Bravo-Edp Soft
Bravo is a Payroll, Deployment and Invoicing Software. It is indispensable for Manpower outsourcing companies. It helps in advanced compliance & tracking of resources with profitability and cost analytics.

Edifice - EDP Soft

Edifice is a School and Campus Automation System which facilitates the management of School’s Academic Processes, Student Data management,Office Management including Payroll, Accounts and Library.

Midas - EDP Soft

Midas has been serving Corporate Groups and Family Offices with Wealth Management while controlling costs since 1994. These Solutions and services have proven time and again to impress Family and Corporate groups with sophisticated customized reports, increase the operational efficiency & reduction in risk.