Mobile Cross Platform Application Development


Rapidsoft Technologies offers avant-garde cross platform mobile application solutions using the amalgamation of both native and web technologies. The mobile cross platform application development lets businesses go mobile in minimum budget and less time. Our expert programmers use the single codebase of an application and implement it to different mobile platforms like Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone, Symbian, Bada and a lot of others.


Our mobile app developers are well-experienced in most of the SDKs available for cross-platform app development. We are also experienced in all available platforms, understand their ecosystem, audience-type, monetization trends, implementation, and approval methods.


We provide cross-platform mobile app development services to find a sweet bridge between different platforms. We know the best of uses of cross platform mobile app development frameworks like Titanium and PhoneGap and are able to decently conceive app to support multiple operating systems. We also have the rich knowledge of iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone and know what is good / bad in them for cross platform mobile app development.


Here are the top advantages of cross platform mobile application development:

Game DevelopmentDecreased cost, increased speed

It is hard to find this inverse proportion in anything but cross platform mobile app development makes it happen. The better the mobile developers have expertise, quicker they are able to end the product with minimum venture capital investment. It pleases all, from prospects of a business to partners, to people. The code is developed at once and then mobile developers can use a variety of tools to translate this code into several programming languages. The web based application code (the amalgamation of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript) is translated into several native codes for specific platform. In all cases, the primary code is also reusable for any OS supporting cross-platform apps. It saves huge money and the time.


Mobile Game DevelopmentEasy access to plug-insĀ One of the best traits of cross-platform app development method is that it provides an easy access to the plug-ins simplifying the entire development process. For example, both Appcelerator and PhoneGap offer easy access to a number of plug-ins which developers can use in other tools or services. That means commons links to API can be used for two different platforms. So if developers making app with GPS features, and want to implement it on iOS and Android, a centralized code-set can be used to interface both the platforms. It is simple, and can be implemented in less time.


Rapidsoft Technologies Mobile Game DevelopmentSimple code technique, easy for developers

Cross Platform mobile app development frameworks like PhoneGap, Appcelerator, Sencha Touch, RhoMobile SDK, Corona SDK, and various others are designed to work with scripting-level languages and provide an ease to web developers. HTML, CSS and JavaScript serve as the backbone in any cross-platform app development. Because these are web-standard programming technologies, even web developers can easily design and develop mobile apps.


Rapidsoft Mobile Game Development CompanyEnterprise and cloud services support

At EDP Soft, we not just make apps that run on multiple platforms but also integrate cloud services. We provide the best of mobile development solutions based on cloud services.