MIDAS, A powerful software designed for accounting and investment analysis that delivers better efficiency and insight to investment management professionals.
“Midas” track is an Investment / Wealth Management Software Solution, developed by EDP Soft. The product has been brewed by industry based Financial Experts using latest technology, strong experience and focus on cost effectiveness. Midas Solution is a unique investment management solution or a common platform to manage all of your portfolio, accounting reporting and client related tasks.
                                        Midas enriches the standard of Business Reporting as well as introduces a unique announcement system for recording and tracking forthcoming investment events.Midas offers a proactive customer support from day one of the system implementation, putting you in a user – friendly environment.Operations relating to management of Wealth take place in an increasingly fast- paced and competitive environment. Wealth in families creates a major opportunity as well as a challenge for investment managers. Along with capital growth and preservation, corporate groups and family offices also expect greater due diligence and more frequent, accurate, and customized reporting. Midas Gold ™ gives its users a technology platform that helps the users make informed decisions to preserve and enhance wealth across generations.
 The Midas Gold ™ Solution is an integrated tracking and reporting engine which handles all Asset classes like Equity Shares, Mutual Fund, Fixed Deposit, Insurance, Debentures, Bonds, Derivatives – Futures (Commodity & Equity) & Options, Bullion, Real Estate, Precious Art, PPF, Loans & Cash etc on one single platform. It is designed for the unique needs of Portfolio Management for Corporate & Family Treasury Offices.


                       The Power of MIDAS

  A Software,that is specifically designed to meet the needs of                       the investment management companies and Family Treasury                                 offices.




It imports brokers’ contract notes into this software for updating daily trades,as well as online updation of the market price at the end of the day for the investor entity with a single click & helps users know the value of investments in o..e click, users can view their realized and unrealized profits, in one screenshot.



Being able to identify, and explain the investment performance and to provide the answers and quality advice as per users’ needs & expectations.

Its performance analytic capabilities, including performance attribution,that allow users to clearly communicate the sources of portfolio performance to clients




Midas Gold incorporates a solution that covers the full spectrum of investment management software solution brings forth not only Equity, Fixed Income, Debentures, Derivatives, Futures & Options among others but all components of any structured investment product onto same platform.


One of the important feature of Midas Gold is it allows its user to daily update the value of their stocks according to the current market price.

To update the stock price the following steps have to be followed





Each Group in a family office is consisting of a number of families;

each family is consisting of a number of individuals or Entity and

each Entity is consisting  of a number of Account Holders / Advisors.

Thus, in Midas Gold solution the entire consolidated reporting is possible that ensures compliance with Model Rules & Restrictions. Here client’s classification also allows for setting different service levels

Tested for years on hundreds of investment firms worldwide, Midas™ Gold software solution serves as a robust foundation for your business, providing effective operational scalability as your corpus grows.
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1. Built on a centralized data store, MIDAS consolidates your systems onto one platform to reduce costs and improve accuracy at every level.
2. During the transaction, Short Term Capital gain & Long Term Capital gain can be calculated in MIDAS.
3. Respond quickly to customer requests for information using MIDAS’ integrated performance tools and powerful reporting capabilities. Create ad hoc reports, including performance measurement, for any time frame and formatted as required, and export them to MS Word, Excel, e-mail, mail-merge, PDF or Crystal Reports. MIDAS is designed to meet the most demanding reporting requirements.
4. MIDAS can manage Global Stock Query; i.e. MIDAS gives you tools to reconcile Multiple Custodian Information on your fingertips.
5.Improve the accuracy of your operations with MIDAS’ real-time accounting, proper audit controls, strong security, complete historical records, and flexible reporting for any time period.
6. MIDAS is a solution of any Back End Accounting Operation right from accounting, proper audit controls, General Ledger, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet and carries forward to next financial year.