India guard services is the largest independently owned manpower supplier  company in India and supplies guards, securities and gunman to the companies and organizations. It was established in the year 2005.
India guard services employees 3000 people. The company had an annual turnover of Rs 10 crs but planned rapid expansion with ambitions to be turning over Rs 20 crs million by next year.
The IGS  recorded employee details in spreadsheets – a manual process that was immensely time consuming and restrictive.
IGS therefore required a system to support its expansion plans by creating time and cost efficiencies. After thorough research into the market they selected BRAVO software concluded that it would  met all of the functionalities for the purposes required.


The director of the company , comments, “The BRAVO software has dramatically increased savings on time and cost. Our staff finds it very  much helpful while managing the software – it enables them to manage holidays and absences, view pay slips, salary structure  electronically and update personal details.
The BRAVO payroll software offers a single database which delivers time savings and eliminates the duplication of data entry. Consequently this reduces the margin for error and preserves data integrity. The BRAVO software also provides an option to adjust the salary and location of the employee simultaneously.
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