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Hire Dedicated Resources


You are at the right place to Hire Dedicated Resources for all sorts of mobile application developments. We are industry’s leading, the most professional mobile application development company providing dedicated, cost-effective mobile software development services, solutions and products.


We assure that every resource used will be dedicated to client’s business. So far, hiring dedicated resources at EDP Soft has been the right decision for our clients.


Process to Hire Dedicated Resource:

  • Choose desired experts
  • Provide the project’s necessities
  • Analyze & review the requirements
  • Decide Part-time or Full-time
  • Assign projects to the dedicated resources
  • Regularly update on projects and work reports

Here are the advantages of Hiring Dedicated Resources from EDP Soft:

  • Dependability
  • Rapid implementation of solutions
  • No investment in maintaining in-house development team or infrastructure
  • Focus on core business requirements
  • Dedicated support for all requirements
  • Phone, Email, Skype, Fax Communication with the resources
  • Stay connected 24/7
  • Flexibility in the utilization of manpower
  • Timely Project Updates


Hire Dedicated Resources for Mobile Application Development:

  • Hire dedicated Java ME Application Developers
  • Hire dedicated Android Application Developers
  • Hire dedicated iPhone Application Developers
  • Hire dedicated iPad Application Developers
  • Hire dedicated Windows Phone Application Developers
  • Hire dedicated BlackBerry Application Developers
  • Hire dedicated Symbian Application Developers

Hire Dedicated Resources for Cross Platform Mobile Application Development

  • Hire Cross Platform Mobile Application Developers
  • Hire Dedicated PhoneGap/ Cordova Developers
  • Hire Dedicated Sencha Touch Developers
  • Hire Dedicated Corona SDK Developers
  • Hire Dedicated HTML5/ JQuery Mobile Developers
  • Hire Dedicated Titanium Appcelerator Developers
  • Hire Dedicated RhoMobile SDK Developers

Hire Dedicated Resource for Open Source Development:

  • Hire dedicated Open Source Developers
  • Hire dedicated PHP developers
  • Hire dedicated Joomla developers
  • Hire dedicated WordPress developers
  • Hire dedicated Magento developers
  • Hire dedicated Open Cart developers

Hire Dedicated Resource for Web Development:

  • Hire dedicated Website / Web Application Developers
  • Hire dedicated ASP.NET Programming expert professionals
  • Hire dedicated PHP Programming expert professionals
  • Hire dedicated Java Web Developers