British Electric

British Electric Mfg. Co. or BEMCO is a leading manufacturer & distributor of several industrial products. The unit started off by manufacturing products like Electrical Sirens, Bells & Hooters under the ‘BEMCO’ brand. Over the last 5 decades, the company has expanded its portfolio to include Industrial Light fittings, Street lights, Floodlights, LEDs, Solar lighting systems, Main switches, Electrical Contol Panel Boards, HT line materials, Material handling equipment, all types of insulators etc. With a well-established agent & sales network across the country, BEMCO provides customers unparalleled quality products, effective technical support & after sales service.

A long time back British Electric needed a more robust Accounting Solution that would consolidate all their Accounts into a single platform.


After evaluating several options, British Electric, made a decision to migrate to accord 4 Solution ,a total customizable and integrated software, with minimum expense, 20 years ago. Entering the entries has made much more easier.


1. Accord 4 was selected due to its rich functionalities, ease of use and encouraging results during system trials.It is easy to handle multiple accounts.

2. This powerful capability not only improves efficiency and saves time, but also confers peace of mind.

3. There is no hassle to print a report and know that it’s reliable without having to double-check it each time.

4. Accord 4 makes accounting and invoicing simple.

5.User need not to worry about the backups and security.

6. All the forms are linked with menu and some of them have shortcut keys also; for example: ledger can be opened  through :Entry->Accounts->Menu and also have a shortcut key F2.


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