ADC  Interior L.L.C.  is one of the active interior design and joinery companies in Dubai. ADC has executed and handed over a lot of different and specific projects like Residential Building, Villas, Sheds, Schools, Public Building, Park etc.
A long time –Accord4 client, ADC Interior L.L.C., needed a more robust customizable and   integrated software that would consolidate all their Accounts onto a single platform. ADC Ltd. wanted a Vector Configuration in the software which was not build in their previous software. So they thought of taking a different Software.
After evaluating several options, ADC Interior L.L.C., made a decision to migrate to Accord4 Solution>,a Complete ERP Solution made by the effort of extensive Evolution of the Accord Software. ADC is using Accord since 10 years and is very much flexible with the software. The software is used for years and years. ADC Interior L.L.C. wanted a configuration named “Vector Configuration”, so this configuration was added to the Software. Vector Accounting has made the accounting more reliable.Even the transferring of data from one financial year to another financial year is also very flexible.
1. They wanted a solution to handle multiple vouchers. In addition to it,they wanted to handle multiple vectors.
2. This powerful capability not only improves efficiency and saves time, but also confers peace of mind. There is no hassle to print a report and know that it’s reliable without having to double-check it each time.
3. ADC Interior L.L.C.wanted a system that would meet their needs today and carry them into the next phase of growth. When it comes to transaction accounting and reporting, Accord4 was a tested system. It has its transaction entry and accounting capability extremely robust and reliable.
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